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Every year we applaud our event winners with prizes. This mega event is a hit with our members, with some exciting goodies and some lip smacking delicacies to wrap up a momentous year.


The Computer Society of India stands Numero Uno , as the first and the largest body of Computer professionals in India . Formed in March 1965, by a handful of Computer & IT professionals, today, the CSI spans over 66 chapters all over India with 381 student branches, and more than 60,000 members, including India’s stalwarts amongst the most famous IT industry leaders, brilliant scientists and dedicated academicians. The CSI has been instrumental in guiding the Indian IT industry down the right path during its formative years. The mission of the Computer Society India is to facilitate research, knowledge sharing, learning and career enhancement for all categories of IT professionals, while simultaneously inspiring and nurturing new entrants into the industry and helping them to integrate into the IT community. The Computer Society of India – VESIT Student Chapter, which is one of the most vibrant amongst all the student Chapters in Mumbai, is committed to the mission of creating technical awareness among students and providing them with a unique opportunity to learn various techniques in formulating IT strategy, helping them keep abreast of the latest technologies in various avenues. The activities conducted for the students associated with the Society include lecture meetings, seminars, conferences, training programs, workshops, paper presentation contests, programming events and practical visits to installations.

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Because at CSI we believe that being self sufficient should be the ultimate goal of an individual and all it needs is a spark, a spark that we are willing to ignite in order for you to lead a life of your dreams.


A look at the various events which saw a number of ebullient participants in our workshops and fun events where teams tried to out run, out smart and beat each other to claim the ultimate prize .

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After gruelling interviews where we witnessed some really fantastic notabilities, CSI VESIT is delighted to announce its Junior Council for the year 2016-17. We have seen their potential to succeed, now it's time the world does as well! Congratulations!

Jayesh Nagpal
All S.E students who've applied for being a part of the society council please submit your society preferences to the G.S. (Ravjot Tuteja) before 2.45 pm on 26th August, Friday. On a piece of paper write down your name, class, contact number, the order of preference of the society (if you have applied for more than 1) Even if you have applied for one society only, the preference chit is mandatory. Without the preference chit, you will be out of the process of recruitments to the societies.

Ravjot Tuteja
If in case anyone has any queries regarding the council posts, please refer the description given below: 1) Jr. Operations Officer Are you good at planning and organising events? Can you think on your toes and handle stressful situations? The Operational Cell is all about coordination and management. If you are street smart and can make proper decisions at the blink of an eye, you are perfect to apply for this post! 2) Jr. Public Relations Officer “99% of the population is afraid of public speaking. And of the remaining 1%, 99% have nothing original to say.” If you consider yourself to be one of the remaining 0.01%, the Public Relations Cell is your true calling. As the face of CSI VESIT, you will have to exhibit exemplary confidence and creativity regarding announcements and event posters respectively. 3) Jr. Technical Officer An upper hand in technological knowledge and plenty of chops will do well, if you want to be a part of the Technical Cell. We conduct several workshops on popular tools and software; Our Technical cell is expected to be on the top of things, every time. 4) Jr. Web Editor Where you are right now will be your workplace for the next year. HTML, CSS and Javascript will be your faithful tools, doing as you direct them. A webmaster must be quick, efficient and crafty. If you can handle the responsibility of maintaining our site, you are welcome to apply. 5) Jr. Editor If words are your friends and books are your refuge, this is where you belong. We publish our own magazines at the end of every semester. You shall be responsible for making these and must be able to play with words to create magic. Image editing skills are an added advantage! You may also contact the Senior Council members, in case you have any further doubts.

Rohit Garg
Dear SEs, The interviews for the exalted Junior Council of CSI-VESIT will be commencing from the next week. If you think you have what it takes, send in your Statements of Purpose to editors.csi@gmail.com on or before 19th August 2016. The format for the same is as follows: 1. Introduction 2. Why do you need CSI? 3. Why does CSI need you? 4. Academics 5. Achievements/Extra Curricular Activities. 6. Preference of Posts. The posts offered are: 1. Junior Operational Officer 2. Junior Public Relations Officer 3. Junior Technical Officer 4. Junior Web Editor 5. Junior Editor Feel free to apply for multiple posts. In this case, you must list the posts in order of preference. Don't forget to bring two hard copies of your SOP along with two passport size photographs on the day of your interview and do come in formals. We look forward to an excellent turnout from you and working with you this year to make our events even bigger and better. If you have any queries regarding the SOPs, post on our FB group CSI-VESIT, or get in touch with any of our council members regarding post duties. Venue : Room 514,515 Date and Time : 20th August - 11 am onwards 22nd August - 3 pm onwards For details about the events and more, visit www.csivesit.org

Pooja Bhatia

Sneha Binani
CSI VESIT is proud to announce the heart of it's working body, the Senior Council! It was indeed an honor to see the excitement and enthusiasm shown by the TEs to form the Senior Council and to maintain and exceed CSI's standards for another academic year. Congratulations!

Susmita Patharkar
All T.E students who've applied for being a part of the society council please submit your preferences to the G.S. (Ravjot Tuteja) before 2.45 tomorrow i.e 9th August, Tuesday On a piece of paper write down your name, class, contact number, the order of preference of the society (if you have applied for more than 1) Even if you have applied for one society only, the preference chit is mandatory. Without the preference chit, you will be out of the process of recruitments to the societies.

Ravjot Tuteja
Hi Everyone We staff in-charges on behalf of all @ CSI request all interested students among all the branches to send in your statement of purpose (SOP) to be part of CSI council at the earliest. Among confident students Senior Council will select • Co-chairperson • Treasurer • Secretary • Sr. PRO • Sr. Technical Officer • Sr. Operations Officer • Sr. Editor • Sr. Web Editor Hope we will get overwhelming response and dynamic candidates for CSI-VESIT Prof. Prashant Kanade Prof. Mrs. Charusheela Nehete Prof. Mrs. Mona Deshmukh You can send SOP on email editors.csi@gmail.com, prashant.kanade@ves.ac.in,

Prashant Kanade
The interviews for the Senior Council (T.E.) of CSI VESIT will be held on 8th August at 2.45 pm on the 5th floor. Those who are interested in applying for council positions are requested to mail their SOPs to editors.csi@gmail.com and submit a hard copy on the day of the interview with 2 passport size photos. The format of the Statement of Purpose is as follows: 1. Introduction 2. Why do you need CSI? 3. Why does CSI need you? 4. Academics 5. Achievements 6. Preference of Posts. The following posts are available : 1. Co chairperson 2. Treasurer 3. Secretary 4..Senior Technical Officer 5. Senior Operational Officer 6. Senior Public Relations Officer 7. Senior Editor 8. Senior Web Editor

Chirag Makhija

Anurag Gangal
Thank you CSI for the opportunity ! Mesa happy :P Always a pleasure. :) PS: Log into your ves accounts to access it.

Kalyani Deshmukh
Dear All at CSI, SYMPO 2016 and AY 2015-16 Special Regards to Secretary Chairperson Co Chair Dy Secretary and PRO (ALL ) and all my dear BE CSI People It was well planned , well managed , Smart and hard work . You learn how to face the problems and how to solve them. You were on toes all the year and for excellence for all CSI events. Keep this recurring practice but less difficulties each year ahead. Please ignore if you had any problems because of me. "I am only the Passenger but you all are my Driving force." KUDOS to all Managing and executive and Jr and Sr team leaders and all leaf nodes of CSI VESIT My Complements on behalf of all Staff I/c and VESIT Institute Heads.

Prashant Kanade
So my first symposium entry, gained by winning B & GK Quiz, was CSI and so is my last symposium through Idiot Box(YES! \m/) Oh and what an amazing event it was and many people's presence and absence (:-p) made it possible! Himanshu Pandita Amar Bathija Gaurav Vazirani, you know what I'm going on about! Coming to symposium, I think I'm tired of praising CSI, so I'll just thank you for this awesome event! Amazing food, nice goodies and finally a good bag(I think you filled that void in absence of IEEE)! And special thanks to Prashant Brahme Paras Singh Karan Patel for not giving me headphones! *phew* Cheers! Keep up with the good work!

Surabhi Kanth
Thank you for a great symposium CSI ! Will never get tired of posting on this wall. Awesome food, aesthetics and baap speech by Karan Patel, yet another time you proved your ultimate swag :P #ThugLife Had a lot of fun, hope you guys go on entertaining people. Wish you all the best :D - Die hard CSI fan :P

Kalyani Deshmukh
So another year gone by...and though I ain't in the council...CSI still feels like a part of the family 😛😛 Great job with the sympo this year too guys...and thank God you continued the trend of roasting( especially the point about competition with societies...but i too will avoid controversial statements😂😂😂)...the goodies were good...the april fool joke was not😝😝😝 The food was awesome (the burger😍)...but unfortunately limited (hence only 9/10 😜😜)...all in all...great year ended grandly... Will look forward to see how good would be the new council😉😉 And though it means nothing but it's my post so hell...i am gonna write it... Signing off, Shivam Upadhyay, Big CSI Fan.

Shivam Upadhyay
Attended the CSI Sympo first time,A good chief guest,A dslr pic on stage for winning😝,Good amount of goodies is sufficient to make the symposium good.Enjoyed it,Nice work CSI Council!!😄❤

Rinkesh Gokulchandani
Great job CSI VESIT ,yet again you'll performed up to the mark . Its been 3 years of me attending your sympo and every year you'll have just gone one notch higher . Keep up the good work !

Ravi Subu
Cynosure* 16. Coming Soon.

Prashant Brahme
In a time where our country's international reputation is probably at its peak, and we're taking strides in technology and entrepreneurship; the youth of India are undergoing a revolution in their mentality. With various schemes and a change in mentality of the Indian youth, almost every young engineer has at least once thought of his own start up idea. An idea to make in India. Keeping this in mind, CSI VESIT is delighted and enthused to announce CYNOSURE 2016, our annual symposium, themed "Make In India". Join us, as we not only celebrate the culmination of this years' events and felicitate the winners, but also look forward to exceeding expectations of our amazing members. All the guests are requested to join us at 3 pm on 1st April in the Seminar Hall.

Susmita Patharkar
Codes and programs scrolled down the eyes of the programmers as they encrypted the night into a battle of pure programming skills and nerve wrecking breaks into security codes. The efforts have been compiled to decode the Winners of "Hackathon" and they are as follows :

Titeeksha Sathe
For all the SE's and TE's wanting to ace the IIT-B PHP-MySql, Python and Linux exams, here are some tutorials to get you up to speed. 1. Go To http://spoken-tutorial.org 2. Under courses, select PHP-MySql/Linux/Python and under language English 3. Watch and learn from the videos.

Sneha Binani
An opportunity to think deep, sharpen your problem solving skills, envision and design the ultimate solution. CSI VESIT brings to you the Hack-a-thon, an event different and unique from the standard fare. Cash prizes up for grabs, and internship opportunities to those who perform well! The Hack-a-thon will be commencing today at 7 PM. Each contestant has been sent a mail with further details and necessary side installations. Please refer to it before the event and comment if any doubts. All the best. HAPPY HACKING!!

Krishna Munshi
There were many teams with some brilliant ideas but some, truly outdid the others. We witnessed a battle of minds, words and above all, strong ideas with true purpose. CSI VESIT is glad to announce the winners of the Technical Paper Presentation competition. Congratulations to all the winners!

Anirudh Madhavan

Membership Details

The ‘Computer Society of India’ is a professional body where computer professionals meet to exchange views and information, to learn and share ideas. The wide spectrum of members is committed to the advancement of the theory and practice of Computer Engineering and Technology Systems, Science and Engineering, Information Processing and related Arts and Sciences. CSI is the oldest and largest organization of IT professionals in India having 32,000 members and 63 chapters and more than 200 Students Branches across the country. Contact your class council members for more details.